Silverfen Web Design

Our work — approach

People have many different reasons for wanting web sites.

Sometimes there is a very clear sense of exactly what content is needed, allied to a clear design concept. Here we’re happy to implement that concept.

At other times it’s helpful to have a freer conversation about what a client would like from their web site, bringing together the client’s knowledge of their activies and our knowledge of the internet to create a web site that is of maximum value to the client.

After an initial conversation, either face-to-face or on the telephone, or an exchange of emails, we come up with a number of possible design concepts. Typically there will be at least three of these: having generated two contrasting concepts it is easiest to think freely about the third, and sometimes that itself sparks more ideas. Usually one of the ideas proposed turns out to be suitable, but if it isn’t then those ideas can be a good place for a more further discussion.

Typically we get involved in writing at least some of the words to go on the site, both because people read things a little differently on web sites and because it’s important for things to work well with search engines without reading un-naturally.

Take a look at our portfolio to see some examples of recent work.

We also offer web consultancy services.